We have a pretty unique and holistic approach to running our business, one where everyone works on all areas of the farm. It's probably a more "Kiwi" style of farm operations. We like that this management style gives all the staff the ability to personally get to know and be aware of all classes of stock on farm at any given time. It also smoothes out workloads on different parts of the farm as and when required, allowing each member of the team to appreciate everyone's skills and job responsibilities. As mentioned earlier, we absolutely believe we are only as good as our team. We know we've put together a crew at Lime Country that are going to do a great job of representing our brand and our values. We look forward to introducing them to you on farm in the future.

Matthew Mitchell - Broodmare Manager

Kirsty Day - Accounts & Administration

Kirsty’s experience in an earlier life working on farms such as Baramul and New Haven Park doing preps for Magic Millions and Inglis major sales has been a great grounding for her to understand the daily workings of the farm from a ground-up to admin perspective. A former course co-ordinator at Western Sydney Institute for the Diploma of Horse Industry Management Kirsty brings a wealth of knowledge to her role in the office of Lime Country.

With two young children riding competitively weekends and her own small horse property to run time away from our four legged friends are few and far between.     

FROM: Oakdale, NSW


FAVOURITE THING ABOUT THE SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS: The tranquillity and friendliness - everybody knows their neighbors here

M: +61 0427 542 758
O: +61 (02) 4861 3378

“Pancho” Francisco Jimenez - Farm Manager

Pancho is another of our secret weapons. He has been at the farm for the past six years and has done a fantastic job the agronomy, pasture improvements, irrigation, weed & pest control and maintenance of the 1200m turf track.
A recently inducted racehorse owner he now has the bug and will no doubt be wrecked for life.

FROM: Pancagua, CHILE

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT THE FARM: Working with a great team of people and getting satisfaction from seeing the property developments we have undertaken over the past six years and planning the next steps from here. I love seeing something I've built in action and seeing the horses happy around the farm with great pasture in the paddocks and facilities.

I love living in the Southern Highlands, it's pretty peaceful, the locals are really friendly and everyone knows everyone else. I guess it's a pretty affluent area, so the cafes and bars are top notch too.

M: 0447 457 953

Maggie & Flash - The Woofers

FROM: Hawkes Bay, NZ

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT THE FARM: The ducks in the dam, the porch, the ute, the open fire in the Pinnaroo Homestead & the buggy.

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT SOUTHERN HIGHLANDS: Flash Tough one, probably the porch, the birds & new food. Maggie - Look, I'm a natural born killer. Show me a rodent and I'll show you something with a limited life span. There's certainly a lot of new targets over here - can't wait to get my teeth into it.

FAVOURITE THING ABOUT AUSTRALIA: Flash - Have to be those good looking Aussie bitches. Maggie - Well, I feel a connection to my Aussie Terrier heritage that was just missing in NZ, y'know?


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